CCTV & Security Alarm Installation Services in The Hills District, Sydney

Outdoor CCTV Installation by AILO Electrical

AILO Electrical is your go-to specialist for all your security needs.

The right security measures can make a real difference to your home, retail, office or industrial application. Not only does it improve safety, but it can also play an important role in deterring theft and vandalism to property.

Depending on your building’s layout, security systems can be installed in most locations. CCTV can be used to record footage for homes, retail, workspaces, common areas or carparks, while an effective alarm system is an effective deterrent to potential thieves.

AILO Electrical can also advise you on any upgrades needed to your lighting system, as an added security and safety measure.

If you are looking to upgrade security in your home, or to enhance the safety of your employees and customers, the AILO Electrical team is here to help with the security selection process, complete with a seamless installation service.

Our Security Services Include:

Outdoor CCTV Connected to the Wall by AILO Electrical

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